Rates Sheet

All bands/musicians who have paid listings on the site are automatically put on a referral list for all booking requests.

Includes: Name, address, phone/fax
LINKED LISTING - $60 a year
Includes: Name, address, phone/fax/email
web site link, brief description
HOSTING: Level I - $20 a month or $200 a year if paid in advance
Includes: www.capecodmusic.com/yournamehere/
Also: Name, address, phone/fax/email
5 Mb disk space
brief description, web site link
standard email inquiry for for site - click here for sample
5 email accounts (customer must have own dial-up account)
customer support
access to site for updates (customer must have own dial-up account)
WEB DESIGN - $150 per page, multiple page discount
Includes: design, up to 3 scanned items per page,
standard email inquiry form
audio files
site maintenance
banner advertisements, sponsorships
domain hosting (www.yourdomain.com)

Call 508.362.5886 or email info@capecodmusic.com for more information.

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